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SAGE Sentinel
Protects the Living.

In the video, the Sage-Sentinel prototype monitors an infrared video stream of an actual fall incident.

The system predicts the imminent hazard and tries to warn the person. It uses three modalities to signal the danger.



Dr. Khashayar Misaghian

Khashayar Misaghian is a vision scientist and a biomedical and electrical engineer. He received his PhD in Vision Science with a specialty in neuroscience and psychophysics from the Universite de Montreal. He holds an international patent with Essilor group, the world's leading ophthalmic optics company. His background and interest in neuroscience, machine vision, and neuromuscular control systems and their applications in aging were his inspirations to cofound Sage-Sentinel. He is an entrepreneurship graduate from the Okinawa institute of science and technology (OIST). He is an athlete, a visual artist, and acted in a drama movie called "Root Canal".


Dr. Jocelyn Faubert

Jocelyn Faubert is a full professor and directeur adjoint (equivalent of vice dean) of research and graduate studies at the School of Optometry of Université de Montréal. He also holds the NSERC-Essilor Industrial Research Chair on Visual Function (since 2003). His research interests are diverse dealing from low- to high-level perceptual and cognitive processing, human performance, development, aging, optics and photonics spanning from a fundamental perspective to translational research.


Dr. Eduardo Lugo

J. Eduardo Lugo has a PhD degree in physics and EMBA Candidate. He is an expert in both theoretical and experimental physics. He has over 36 patents and patent applications in the domains of optics, optical imaging devices for brain measurements, and in the areas of multisensory integration and human performance. He has participated in seven technological transfers, and two product development to Essilor International Group and Conginsens Inc. He is an IP, scientific and technical consultant for Cognisens Inc.; and Senior Scientific at Faubert Laboratory, University of Montreal.




Protects the Living